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computer related hardware

We were contracted and substantially compensated for a project to evaluate the suitability of WordPress for commercial applications for our customers. After years of basically 'waiting' and wading through a variety of participating attacks, we have concluded that wordpress is not something that we can support. In this regard we also want to say that the vulnerability was very minor and affected only a few database values. There was no compromise of user data. There was no compromise to the server. We consider the test a great success to the ongoing development and achievement of open source code, implementation of standard security measures, management and implementation of best practices, competent and experienced programmers, a proprietary security script, a superb router and virtually no firewall! We will continue to employ proven open source code in our commercial applications for clients and customers and save them much money as a result. This ends our testing for the wordpress format and we thank you for participating in the effort to demonstrate its vulnerabilities. Final payments for your participation will cover your efforts through Oct 19, 2010. (ps - it did take much longer than we figured it would but it was worth it! Patience pays off and once again proves that we dont put our clients and customers at risk!)